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Augmented World Expo Nite 2022

  • Panelist on the discussion of presence, immersion, and embodiment across the spectrum of AR, VR, and IRL

  • Design best practices, measuring, value, and safety and responsibility


Augmented World Expo 2021

Speaking engagement on 2 panels:

  • Judge for the AR Cloud Challenge -   Reviewed and provided feedback on applications that demonstrated the features of the AR cloud (the unification of the digital and physical world)

  • Redefining Literature using AR/XR - Discussion about QXR's collaboration with best-selling author Kate Mosse and adaptation of a story into AR.  Walkthrough of our design process and a demo of our prototype.


Fitbit For the Planet 2020

Hosted by Katie Patrick

I was invited to be the first guest speaker in her new video podcast series to discuss topics around augmented reality and XR applications for environmental science.  It was a presentation followed by a live discussion with some of the attendees.  I spoke about visualization invisible data using AR, such as pollution, heat, CO2, and integration into smart cities.


Innovation Days in Zimbabwe 2019

Hosted by United Nations Development Program

I gave a virtual talk at the Innovation Days in Harare, Zimbabwe from California.  I discussed augmented reality and XR being potential tools to help surface invisible information about African economies and environmental impacts from climate change.  The talk also stressed the importance of needing infrastructure so that data could be gathered.  Video and live demos were provided - showing off example applications created by Magic Leap, BadVR, and Flow Immersive.


Social Good Summit 2019

Hosted by United Nations

During the General Assembly week in New York, I spoke on a panel with UNPD Administrator Achim Steiner and Play Mob's CEO Jude Ower.  I introduced the augmented reality and XR emerging technologies and talked about some of the exciting use cases that could be directly applied to the Sustainable Development Goals and the reduction of carbon footprint.  I specially called out digital remote co-presence as something I found compelling, especially volumetric streaming as the next stage in video conferencing.  If XR can help us feel more present, then perhaps we could start reducing travel and put a dent in CO2 reductions.

Singularity Global Summit 2019

Spatial Computing transforming cities

My colleague and I were invited on the main stage to showcase our work on city-scaled use cases of augmented reality and the Magicverse platform.  We made a case that AR/XR could help transform cities into the 3rd stage, providing a system-wide visual interface connecting disparate streams of information.  An application layer for each sector would emerge and empower transportation, urban planning, public safety, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, etc.

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